Monday, May 22, 2006

Driving at Night

I’ve been wondering lately if I need to have an outline before I start writing this story. I just don’t know where it’s going, really.

I have the set up, I have the main characters and a general idea about what might happen to them, but I don’t really know where I am going.

I should take my own advice and do an “interview” with my characters as an exercise. Exercses help us to understand the inner workings of our mind/story. I probably won’t though. I am resisting my own working.

Just think about how far we all could get if we took the energy we put into RESISTING our forward movement, and used it to actually move forward.

Besides, there’s that quote… “Writing a novel is like driving at night. You can only see a few feet ahead of you, but you can make the whole journey that way.”

Who the heck said that? Were they also trying to care for a baby at the same time? Probably not. I think it was a guy, and you know how that is. They have wives and such. I wish I had a wife to cook and clean and take care of the baby so I could get my writing done and be published and make some money.

Well. I think by writing about my difficulty and how to solve it, I’ve decided to just keep writing and not be so stressed out about not knowing where it is going. Word by word, baby.

Of course, since this is the stay at home mom kind of life, the baby just woke up from his nap and is crying for attention/lunch/mommy. Sigh.

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