Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Ramblings from an Overtired Mom

Why am I still awake? Why am I up? It's 10:53 and my eyes are glazing over. Exhaustion, exhaustion. But, still, I'm here, messing around on line and watching the reunion episode of Project Runway. TV plays way too big a role in my life.

The baby will be up at 6:30 or 7am, and I've got to get up with him and start my day. It's just so much easier if I've had a decent night's sleep.

I also spend too much time on Urban Baby, a website for moms. Whenever I don't have the speed to get up and go, and shlump around and hit refresh on the UB message boards.

But things are getting better all the time. I am slowly figuring out what the heck I want to do with my life and how I'm gonna get there. Slowly, so don't ask me to tell you how. But I did make a list of all the projects that I am or could be involved with that would further my career and/or make me some money.

OH La!

I could go over the work that I've already done and try to get some of that published...

My dozens of poems
Ruby Jack, my kids story
My first, lonely and abandoned novel, Marguerite.

It seems like I should do stuff with that mess, seeing as I am already part of the way there. And publishing would help me get ahead with teaching and more publishing, don't cha think?

I'm also thinking of some new projects.

I'd like to write a book called Mom Creates-- a creativity book designed to help mothers and other strange creatures discover/rediscover their own artistic urges.
And I'd like to write a science fiction novel... I don't know what about exactly... but it is gestating.
I also was just invited by a friend to create a tarot card deck... she's doing the same, so it would kind of be a group project, or maybe a support group project.

Well, all the projects are writing except for the tarot deck... but that's not actually a new project for me, considering I started researching and collecting ideas something like ten years ago. I have actually decided that I am not going to start any new endeavors. By that, I mean things that I would have to learn an entirely new skill set for-- like jewelry making or creating stuffed animals out of home felted sweaters... let's just say I spend too much time on crafting boards, where I get silly inspired.

Yes. I am over tired. Yes. I am rambling. But the key to look at here is that the ideas are coming back, even some of the energy that allows me to explore the ideas... even if only for fifteen minutes at a time, ever. I mean, looky here. I'm actually writing in my blog, instead of hitting refresh one more time on the repetitive, snarky, sometimes informative and occassionally entertaining yet highly addictive Urban Baby Website.

I'm going to bed now.

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