Saturday, February 25, 2006

On Time

This relativity stuff sure is relative lately.

All I know is that time used to go so slowly, and ever since having Gabriel, it has sped by like a zooming fire engine. I can barely keep track of the days and the weeks go like madness. I blink and it's already time to take the recycling to the curb again.

On one hand that's good-- it means that my mommy's group will come back around sooner rather than later. It means that Spring is almost here WOO HOO! On the other hand, another week has gone by where I haven't done anything with my writing, where I haven't called all the people I haven't called, where I haven't cleaned or cooked or organized or been who I want to be.

I remember when I was a child, time went so slowly. Christmas was a millenium away, three weeks without allowance was a terrible sentence, and Summer lasted forever, was my entire life, infact. And yet, the older I got, the more birthdays I had, the more Summers and Christmases. Each week got shorter, each day did. An hour was like a blink.

But with Gabriel, the whole thing has sped up so much more rapidly. He's already almost 8mos, which is almost 9months, which is not that far off from one year. Soon he'll be walking, talking, running, taking off into the air, going to school, growing a beard, getting married...goodness. I can't even manage to take a shower two days running.

And yet for him, each day must reach off into infinity. Each nap in his crib must stretch so long. For him, the hour I am playing with him on the couch, tossing him into the air, singing songs to him, tickling him and making him laugh, that must be a long golden tinged hour.

That's a sweet thought. For him, he has long stretches of mama, glorious, beautiful mama, who is the funniest person in the world, the softest and warmest. Then he goes to sleep, and it starts all over again, with new adventures everyday. Hmm, looked at it from that direction, life's not half bad at all.

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