Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trust the Process, even if it doesn't look like much

Trust the Process

I made this.

I made the whole thing. 

Sure I drew it, but I made it. I mean I made the paper. I used an egg carton to make paper mache pulp and I had a little left over, so I thought I'd try to make paper out of it.

It kind of looks like an egg carton. Which is not very impressive. Not at all like that handmade paper kind of look.

But that's why I drew the mandala and wrote the words "trust the process" on it.

I think I have a hard time trusting the process... accepting the season of life...not holding on to my idea of what things SHOULD be like.

I think this is a common problem.

Even as I was posting this I thought, I don't want to post it. It isn't finished or attractive or any of that. Not that it was meant to be. It was an experiment, it was a reminder of what it takes to develop things. It was about growth and experience, rather than results.

That's what process is about. And life itself is a process. It's about the living and not about the results. And if we trust that things will come out well if we put in our best efforts (even if maybe they're not so great in the egg carton, I mean moment) then the whole process automatically becomes richer and more enjoyable.

Trust life. Trust yourself. Trust the process. 


bj hynes said...

Thank you for the potent and timely reminder....I need to apply this both to my work and my role as a parent!

FFXIV Gil said...
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