Monday, March 12, 2012

Wood Land Paper Dolls, a work in progress

Wood Land Articulated Paper Dolls
giclee print, ink, mini brads

For my daughter's birthday, I made some little paper dolls for the goody bags. It was a fairy princess tea party theme, so along with flowers and glitter, I added some creatures to keep the fairies company.

This isn't the best picture. That's because along with being creative, I'm trying to make my professional set up more... well... professional. I never got a good product shot of all my paper dolls. Part of that is because I was running my little tuchis off until the first guest got in the door and the part of my to do list where it said "take photos" was at the end. And I never got to the end of the to do list, I just ran smack dab into the party. They don't tell you that a "fairy princess tea party"  means mommy is a waitress for the rest of the afternoon, pouring tea and serving cupcakes and escorting little girls to the potty. So all the paper dolls and containers of fairy play dough and glitter cardboard crowns and pretty paper flowers all got taken away or messed up before I could show them to you. Poop. I still have white and yellow and green crowns, but everything pink, purple or silver has scampered off.

I'm going to have to go back in, find what's left of the party, the dregs if you will, and do a photo shoot. It doesn't help that the only sunny days have been when I was at work. The rain and snow messes up my light. Of course that means today is rainy.

But I am trying, like I said. I've been researching different ways to set up a home photo studio on pinterest. And, after the news of the demise of picnik,(they say they are moving to Google+ but I like to have options) which I have used for photo editing for the last few years, I decided to try out picmonkey. I used picmonkey to make the most of my midnight, lamp lit photo of the wood land paper doll favors in progress. It's kind of cute, more about process than product, I guess. But, i figured it was better to get something to post now, instead of waiting for the perfect photo set up to show everything off.

Remember, being creative is not about getting things perfect, it's about working with what you have and seeing what happens. I still have time to get the details right, but nothing will ever get done if I always wait until I have everything figured out before I do anything.

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dandelionlady said...

I love those. My daughter's birthday is coming up, I don't know if I've got what it takes to make paper dolls up as favors, but I think it would make her a lovely gift!

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