Sunday, July 03, 2011

Strangers in a Bar

This is my second post in my July photo challenge. And my second picture. The theme for this was "strangers."

It was a hot day. The air conditioning was nice. The cold beer was nice. Sometimes it's nice to just sit in a nearly empty bar by yourself and be a stranger. Yes, I think I was the stranger.

And in an attempt to not be a stranger to my blog readers, I am trying to get back to the habit of posting. Even if this is the July 4th weekend and everyone is out doing summery celebratory things and this isn't exactly an enlightening post.

The theme for today's picture will be "lunch". I might be able to manage this.

See you tomorrow and have a happy Independence Day. And if you don't celebrate Independence Day, have a happy Sunday.


Stella said...

I've taken so many photos over the past six months that it's high time I get back to that painting business I dabble it. Glad to see you're still doing both.

Rowena said...

Oh. I've already fallen off this photo a day thing. But I am painting. I'm also planning my son's 6th birthday party. I have a handful of alien bean bags all stitched up, and a whole menu of space themed food to cook in the next two days. Hopefully when the party is over I can get back to writing, at least. And maybe I can catch up on the photos.

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