Monday, January 30, 2006

Baby News (you can skip it if it's not your thing)

Sleep, shmeep. Sometimes you get to a point where you are so tired, you can't manage to get yourself up and ready for bed, instead, you just sit and let an old Cheers episode play on and on in the background. Sigh.

The baby is sleeping, though. That's a good thing. His naps are tapering off, but he's sleeping better through the night. I know, I know fascinating.

I keep thinking that I should be keeping track of all the things he does as he grows... I mean, he is almost seven months now (how did that happen?) but then I'm not really into documenting every last little moment.

So maybe just an occassional entry where we catch up on the Gabriel developments.

He's getting awful wiggly. No crawling or anything, but his favoritest is climbing all over mommy. He likes to attack-kiss Mama, mouth wide open, slobber, slobber. He also particularly likes it if his girlfriend Tazer kitty is hanging out near by, and he can reach over and pet, pet, pet GRAB! a handful of fur. Delicious fun. Also delicious fun is Pears! and Bananas! and Applesauce! and Sweetpotatoes! Weee heee. He'd like some of Papa's sushi, or Mama's brownie, too, but that's a no go.

He's moved into his very own room, and his very own crib, and has even managed to stay there 'til sometimes 5am, or 6am or 7am, at which point he cries, and Papa goes to get him and bring him back to bed with us. Then he gets booby and falls asleep ontop of Mama until he can wake up and start kicking whichever parent is nearer. Fun times.

On a side note, I wonder when Sean and I will get our names back... we've become Mama and Papa. Hmm. Gabriel, however has a thousand names. Monkey Man, Fudd Head, Cuckoo Head, Cuckoo Luckoo, Boo Boo, Flying Boy, Zombie Baby, Lord Stinkypants, Master of the Manor...

And I'm rambling. It's that sleep thing, again. I'm wondering also when I won't be exhausted, always and constantly. And worn down with no break. Sigh again.


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Renée said...

Don't underestimate the importance of sleep. Sleep deprivation is huge. It makes doing the most ordinary things so difficult. It's hard to cope with anything when you are chronically exhausted.

I know it's hard to believe right now, but you will feel rested and together again. In some ways I loved being a new mom, but it was still the most difficult time in my life. I adjusted, eventually, and you will too.

Try not to be too hard on yourself.


(Oh and I'm glad you stumbled across my blog. I really enjoyed reading your comment and the things you've posted here. You are bringing back a lot of memories!)

Anonymous said...

Can we please see a picture of Gabriel???

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