Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She Remembers the Fire Inside

She Remembers the Fire Inside
Acrylic on Paper, 8"x10"

This painting is from the Thursday Sweet Treat prompt, "the warmth of the fire inside."

I know it's odd that it isn't all warm shades. You think warmth and fire and you think red and yellow and orange. But I was laying in bed staring at the shadows on the ceiling, and all of a sudden saw patterns of peach and blue. It reminded me of paisley or chandeliers.

And then I thought it also reminded me of reflections, of smoke, and said to myself, there's the prompt!

I like also how the fire is hidden in the subtlety of the colors. There's a pale fire, too. A white fire is hotter than the red one. And I like the veneer of sophistication here, but the hint that there's something burning inside.

I don't know how much meaning this painting has in my life... it kind of looks like it has nothing to do with my life, although I usually take lessons from whatever I've learned or experienced lately. It almost seems like I am making up a life, a hollywood life of glamor.

Eh, whatever the meaning, I still think it's pretty. And everything doesn't always have to be meaningful.


Carmen said...

She's stunning.

Lynn Cohen said...

beautiful paintings both this and the earlier post below. I got so involved in my ideas to share with you I forgot to compliment the wonderful woman in red.

septembermom said...

Very pretty. Love the colors.

Shell said...

When you said hollywood glam, your lady reminds me of Bette Davis. The fire inside to me is all in her eyes.

Tabitha the KnittingJourneyman said...

I think pretty is meaningful enough on its own.
Incredible work.

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that if she "remembers" the fire inside, then perhaps the fire is no longer there--which means I wouldn't expect fiery colors.

But meaning is up to the beholder. She's beautiful either way.

Jessie said...

Oh, it feels good to be stopping by for a visit! :)

You know...I was just thinking that your artwork would makes some REALLY cool greeting cards. Not to mention, your artwork has been doing some really amazing things lately. It seems like a couple weeks always goes by between my visits (too long!) and the big strides your artwork takes in my absence always takes my breath away. It is so much fun to watch you grow and blossom! :)

Unknown said...

Those colors appeal to me SO much. Something about the lightness to them and the way they speak to each other, I'd do an entire room in that blue alone

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